labels cannot contain me.

generally speaking, my interests wax & wane, and have been known to include: art, technology, gender, sexuality, cyborgs, hybrids, body modification, genetics, neurochemistry, human evolution, myth, mysticism, film, music, fashion, fetish, freaks, oddities, and questioning everything.

if you're looking for easy answers, you won't find anything here that fits neatly in a box or a tidy little paragraph. i am what i have always been: complex and multiplying. i continue to wear many hats:

  • technology based performance and installation artist
  • fashion & costume designer
  • new media teacher
  • wordsmith & storyteller
  • imagemaker & visual designer
  • entrepreneur
  • cyborg zygote

but no matter what hat I might choose tomorrow, the basic drives are the same: to make ideas flesh, to evolve concept into experience. i am fascinated by transformation: physical, mental, spiritual, cultural, technological.

in my creative and theoretical works i explore the position of hybrid identities and hybrid bodies in this technological landscape. my "medium" is as hybrid as i am. i create with words, body, images, and a broad palette of many tools: custom electronics to cameras, power tools to computers. my current creative obsession is interactive cybernetic performance. through the pursuit of my current project, psymbiote, i place myself in the eye of the storm: the conceptual terrain at the collision of bodies and machines, the mutation of my own identity through transformation of the body. the project has been featured in a number of recent books and magazine articles, including In the Flesh by Victoria Pitts. previous creative obsessions have included interactive installation, immersive environments,, b&w photography, and ritual performance.

within the past five years, i have performed, exhibited, and/or spoken at The SMARTlab (St. Martin's College, London), body machine symposium (York University, Toronto), ASCI ArtSci2001 Symposium (CUNY, New York), Version03 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago), the Art and Technology Program (IT University of Göteborg, Sweden),The Design/Media Arts EDA (University of Los Angeles), Burning Man (BRC, Nevada), and had my first post-MFA solo exhibit at Thought Crime Gallery (Phoenix). I also produced and hosted SIGGRAPH's CyberFashion Show in Los Angeles (2005/2005), San Diego (2003) and San Antonio (2002), and am currently planning the 2006 event in Boston. i have taught Photo / New Media at Kansas City Art Institute, Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance at Arizona State University West, and Digital Media at Phoenix College. i am currently working with 2 partners to launch Sinthetex Fetish Fashions, and continue to work on sound and media projects with Sensory Engineering.

in 2001 i completed my MFA at ASU in studio art: intermedia, to be exact, which i chose largely because it is not exact: it is as fluid and flexible as my creative output and process. i continued to work with the Institute for Studies in the Arts on a creative research fellowship until 2002.

i will soon be seeking venues specifically in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York in which to show my installations, prints, or performances. i also take occasional freelance work in writing, editing, photography, or modeling. suggestions, offers and leads gladly accepted.