Psymbiote: Hybrid Apparatus for Social Interface

(evolution in progress)
interactive robotic performance costume in collaboration with Jesse Jarrell

Memory, Ltd.

immersive experience and performance
where you can purchase new memories and trade in old ones


Mnemonic Devices

performance collaboration with Christa Erickson
in conjunction with her installation of the same name

Multiplicity: self-portraits for hot and cold lovers

a series of digitally manipulated photographs
dealing with replication and transformation of the body

fragments (confessions of a closet schizophrenic)

combine random bits of me
don't get lost in my myriad persona

Sketches (1st year MFA work)

a series of experiments exploring the notions of live interactive art & virtual realms




a circular convergence of performance-thought-hyperreality
(a text exploration inspired by Baudrillard and Eco)



coming soon: other recent works including This is not the Fine Print (2000), "Upon reflection..." (1999), None of the Above (1997)